Rental Guidelines

Our complete Vacation Rental Guidelines are below.

We are open 7 days a week year round from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Days.
During the months of June and July, our office is open until 7:00 pm on Saturdays and 6:00 pm on Sundays.

Our Reservations Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

The guest, including all members of the guest’s party, understands and agrees:

Upon confirming a reservation, a contractual agreement is made between Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island, Inc. and the guest, including all members of the guest’s party. The guest and the rest of their party agree to abide by the following Rental Guidelines.

rental guidelines

maximum occupancy

 At all times, both inside and outside the home, the maximum occupancy is the number of persons allowed on the premises, including infants.  We cater to family groups and cannot accept reservations for vacationing students or house parties.  We do not rent to students even if one or more parents or legally responsible adults accompany them, or to groups under the age of 25.  This policy is strictly enforced.  Special events such as weddings, reunions, and church retreats are only allowed in select homes and require a separate contract.  Special pricing and security deposits may be required.  Please contact our office for details.


Pets are welcome at our pet-friendly homes only.  Please see the individual property descriptions for details on size and number of pets allowed. There will be a $50 per pet fee upon making your reservation, unless otherwise stated in the property description.  Guests are required to clean up after their pets, and there may be additional charges for cleanup of pet waste or excessive pet hair if left on the property. Franklin County law prohibits leaving pet waste on the beach or dunes. Pets in non-pet-friendly homes are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent. If evidence of pets is found in non-pet-friendly homes during or after departure, a minimum charge of $500 will be incurred. Exotic animals are not allowed. Pets are not allowed in pools, the pool area, or hot tubs. A leash law is in effect and guests are responsible for adhering to it.

The only exception is for ADA (American Disabilities Act) qualified animals. Additional information upon request. A service animal is a dog or miniature horse that is trained to do work or perform tasks to assist an individual with a disability. 

pools and hot tubs

Private pools and hot tubs are cleaned twice a week.  It is the guest’s responsibility for the appropriate use of these amenities. An additional fee will be charged for any extra cleanings required due to negligence or abuse. Some pools offer heat (as listed in individual property descriptions) and this amenity must be requested at least 1 week in advance.  The charge for pool heat is $500 per week or for stays less than a week, $300 for 2 nights plus $40 per night thereafter.  Pools will not be heated when the outside temperature in a 24-hour period averages below 60° or if the average water temperature of the pool is above 82°.  Pool heat is not guaranteed.  Hot tub covers break easily, please do not walk or sit upon them.  An offer of free pool heat does not apply to monthly reservations.


Please refer to individual property descriptions for availability and possible restrictions.  If “Elevator for a fee” is noted in the property description, prior arrangements must be made and a $100 fee must be paid in advance.  Elevators are not to be used by children or pets unless accompanied by an adult.

refunds, bad weather, equipment malfunction

Refunds are not made for inclement weather, lack of public utilities, the unavailability of private community amenities, or equipment malfunctions.  Should any equipment malfunction, we will make every effort to  have it repaired as soon as possible.  One of the challenges of living on a barrier island is parts have to be ordered and repair companies have to travel a longer distance, so repairs may take longer than expected.

returned checks

The charge for returned checks is $25.  Checks will not be re-deposited and must be replaced with a money order, cashier’s check, web check, or credit card payment.

cancellations / changes to reservations

Once the first rental payment has been received, there will be no refunds issued by Resort Vacation Properties unless:

  1. We can re-rent the home for the same dates and rental rate. A 10% cancellation fee of the total rental amount will be deducted from the advance rental payment(s).  If it is not possible to re-rent the home for the same dates and rental rate, the 10% cancellation fee and any difference in the re-booking rate will apply.  If the home remains vacant for those dates, the entire payment will be forfeited or the reservation may be reinstated;
  2. After arrival, there should be no expectation of refunds or relocation because of dissatisfaction with the home rented. Unlike a hotel, we cannot relocate guests without specific authorization.

travel insurance

Travel insurance can provide coverage for various medical, travel and weather events, including hurricane evacuation, and we strongly recommend you purchase it. Resort Vacation Properties has partnered with a leading independent travel insurance provider for your convenience. For more information, see Sun Trip Preserver Travel Insurance.

A Description of Coverage explaining the benefits, exclusions, and limitations can be downloaded here. Submitting a claim is the responsibility of the guest, and should be filed directly with the travel insurance company.


Guests assume full financial responsibility for damages due to misuse, negligence or missing items.  Any damages or issues found by the guest must be reported within 24 hours of standard check in time. All damages will be the responsibility of the reserving party and their credit card will be charged and/or security deposit withheld for any violations unless damage is covered by the Property Protection Plan.   Any excessive cleaning required will also be billed to the Guest.  Guest will be notified regarding charges or deductions and agrees that charges can be processed on Guest’s credit card or held security deposit unless covered by the PPP.  In the event the security deposit or the PPP is not sufficient to cover all of the damage expense, guest agrees to send payment within 30 days

Property Protection Plan

The Property Protection Plan covers unintentional damages to the Premises that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to departing Premises. The fee will pay a maximum amount - derived from cumulative amount of damage up to the amount of the security deposit.  Please see pricing table below.  Any damages, intentional or unintentional, that exceed the allotted amounts will be charged to the credit card on file. Smoking damage in or on the property and anything deemed “Pet Damage” by RVP, is NOT covered by PPP.  Any tampering with pool equipment is not covered by PPP.  Guest has 30 days from departure to pay all monetary balances, should any exist. The PPP is a nonrefundable charge. As an alternative to Property Protection, Guest may choose to pay a Refundable Security Deposit, authorized and collected prior to Guest entering Premises that will act as a safeguard to Agent for any damages that may occur, whether unintentional or intentional. The amount of this Refundable Security Deposit is listed below. No portion of the Security Deposit will be refunded to a departing guest until all co-guests have vacated the Premises. Guest acknowledges that all, or a portion, of the Security Deposit may be retained by Agent upon termination of the tenancy and that any refund (full or partial) of the Security Deposit to Guest shall be made within 30 days of reservation departure date. 

    • Maximum Occupancy 1-6, $50 PPP or $500 Security Deposit
    • Maximum Occupancy 7-10, $75 PPP or $750 Security Deposit
    • Maximum Occupancy 11-14, $100 PPP or $1000 Security Deposit
    • Maximum Occupancy 15+, $125 PPP or $1500 Security Deposit

lost and found

 If you find that you have left items behind, please contact us as soon as possible.  Although we strive to mail items immediately, it may take up to two weeks for delivery.  For large items, a charge of $10 will be incurred.  All packages are mailed in the form of a COD, via the USPS.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all rental homes.  A minimum charge of $500 will be assessed for violations and there are no exceptions to this policy.

Handicap accessibility 

Please refer to the individual property descriptions for information about a home’s handicap accessibility.  Homes are not fully handicap accessible unless otherwise stated in the property description.

Homeowner associations

Rules and regulations may apply for homes within the St. George Plantation, 300 Ocean Mile, Villas of St. George and Sunset Beach.  Rules may address use of community amenities, the types of vehicles allowed, parking, bonfires, fireworks, etc., and are subject to change by the community.  Guests are responsible for reading and understanding applicable community rules and regulations.


We cannot predict the location of construction activities near rental homes, and may be unable to notify guests prior to arrival that their home is near a construction site. Refunds or adjustments are not made because of construction activity.

rental homes for sale

Rental homes may be for sale.  Owners reserve the right to allow showings to qualified buyers. We may be unable to notify guests prior to arrival that the home is for sale. However, guests will be notified of showings at least one hour in advance. Refunds or adjustments are not made because of sales activity.

Surveillance Equipment

For added safety, security and property protection; some vacation rental properties may have surveillance equipment installed. Such video/audio devices will be legally installed in very limited exterior locations. We will make every attempt to ensure Areas under surveillance are clearly disclosed and marked in such a way to protect your privacy.

Furthermore, registered guests may not, under any circumstances, install any such surveillance device during their stay without the expressed, written permission of Resort Vacation Properties.

RVP does not monitor or manage surveillance equipment.


In the event a reserved accommodation becomes unavailable for rental use, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable home, if available, or grant a full refund of all payments made, without further liability.


Every effort is made to ensure the property information listed online and in all print media is accurate and complete.  Homes, rates, descriptions, furnishings, equipment, or bed arrangements are subject to daily updates and changes. Information represented online and in all print media is not guaranteed.  To ensure accuracy, please contact our office.

beach gear

Beach Gear is provided by The Vacation Property Group, LLC. and is subject to their terms and conditions. Resort Vacation Properties is not liable for any disputes that arise between the guest and The Vacation Property Group, LLC.  Any beach gear credit provided by Resort Vacation Properties has no cash value.


Resort Vacation Properties has a contractual relationship with the homeowners represented in all online and print media, and this contract employs us to act as the owners’ agent.  We reserve the right to refund payments, refuse to rent, or discontinue occupancy.  Any reservation obtained under false pretenses is subject to forfeiture.  Authorized employees may enter the premises for any purpose to manage the home.  Resort Vacation Properties is not responsible for accidents, injury to guests, or loss of money or valuables of any kind.  Interest on any rent payment, if any, will accrue to Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island, Inc.

community - specific rental agreements

The rules and guidelines below apply to reservations that are for rental properties located in specific neighborhoods on St. George Island. If your rental property is located in one of these communities, you can find their particular policies here. These are in addition to RVP’s Rental Guidelines.

st. george plantation 


St. George Plantation Rules & Guidelines

All visitors to St. George Plantation must observe all rules and regulations imposed upon the Association’s members. It is expected that you and all members of your party will comply with the rules stated below. This form must be signed by the person registered with, and responsible to, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island or the owner.

Please note the following:



3. An Entrance Fee of $100 must be paid for each  rental period. If the Entrance Fee has been paid to the owner or your rental agent, you have no further responsibility for its payment.

4. All renters and pets must be registered with Plantation Security through the rental agency or owner and the number of renters may not exceed the sleeping capacity of the rental home.

5. The Gate Pass must be displayed in your vehicle at all times and is not transferable. Posted speed limits must be observed; citations and/or fines may be issued for violations. Parking is restricted to your rental house and designated parking areas only; no parking on side streets is allowed.

6. To bring a motor-home into the Plantation, arrangements must be made 2 weeks in advance and it must be parked under the house. The only exception to this rule is for a certified medical necessity. Boats, trailers, and jet skis must also be parked under the house. There are no available boat ramps for launching inside the Plantation. Please obey all safety rules and county ordinances for boats and jet skis. No other motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and golf carts, are allowed by renters.

7. Beach access is by community boardwalks at the end of each Gulf-side street; no parking is available on these streets. Access to Bob Sikes Cut is restricted to the boardwalk to the beach and then down the beach to the Cut. DO NOT trespass on private dune walkovers or private property.

8. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool and tennis courts. They are not allowed in the fitness center. Pool hours, limits, and rules are posted and must be observed per Florida law. Use of the pool is not guaranteed by this agreement.

9. Authorized pets must be listed on the rental agreement and be on a physical leash at all times unless they are on the rental property. Owners must dispose of droppings in the trash. Owners who do not leash their dogs may be required to remove their pets from the Plantation. Report unleashed dogs to Plantation Security at 850-927-2362. Dog attacks will be reported to Franklin County Animal Control; the Plantation is not responsible for animals seized by the County.

10. Beach items must be removed and large holes filled in before leaving the beach each evening. The Plantation reserves the right to remove items left on the beach overnight. Fires and fireworks are prohibited in the Plantation. Digging, climbing, and walking on the dunes is prohibited; damage to dunes or dune vegetation is a violation of Florida law.

11. Littering is strictly prohibited. All garbage must be placed in trash receptacles; garbage cans are provided at community beach boardwalks.

12. Loud or obnoxious behavior is not allowed. Hanging towels, laundry, or other items on railings or balconies is not allowed.

13. Exterior lights that are not in use for entering or exiting the property must be turned off after 11:00 p.m.

14. Fitness Center Release (if applicable): By signing this form it is agreed that the use of the SGPOA fitness center and equipment is at renter’s (users) risk. Users are responsible for and assume all risk of personal injury and property damage. The SGPOA assumes no responsibility for personal injury. SGPOA staff is not qualified to assist in use of the fitness equipment. Additionally, all posted rules are understood and agreed to be followed

**If you have any questions or concerns relating to the above stated rules and regulations, Plantation Security Officers will assist you. Call 850-927-2362

I have read the above rules and have had an opportunity to ask Resort Vacation Properties, Plantation Security Staff or the property owner questions. I understand all of the rules and agree to abide by them. I understand that my failure to comply with these rules, or the failure of any member of my party to comply, may result in a fine or the termination of my occupancy within St. George Plantation, or both.

*These guidelines are subject to change at any time and without notice.

300 Ocean mile


300 Ocean Mile Rental Rules and Regulations
Townhomes of St. George Homeowners Association

UNIT#________ ARRIVAL DATE_______________ DEPARTURE DATE______________
MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY__________ PET FRIENDLY YES_________ NO________

Thank you for choosing 300 Ocean Mile for your stay on St. George Island. To make your stay
more pleasant and safe, the Townhomes of St. George Homeowner’s Association requires that
you complete and sign this form as a condition of your vacation rental. All visitors to 300 Ocean
Mile must observe all rules and regulations adopted and enforced for the common good of the
Association’s members and guests. It is expected that you, and all members of your party, will
comply with the rules stated below. The person registered with and responsible to, the rental
agency and/or the unit owner must sign this form.
Maintenance concerns regarding your accommodations should be directed to Resort Vacation
Properties of St. George Island (850) 927-2110. Feel free to contact the Association Property
Manager at (850) 727-7335 with questions or to report rules violations. If you need immediate
assistance, contact the Resident Manager in Unit K-13 at (850) 927-5678.

Maximum occupancy limits per unit:

1 Bedroom – 4 persons 2 Bedrooms – 6 persons 3 Bedroom – 8 persons

1. Parking is limited to two (2) VEHICLES (INCLUDING BOATS/TRAILERS) per unit and is only
permitted in your unit’s designated space. Please note that beachfront unit parking pads
are smaller and may only accommodate a single pick-up truck or SUV. It’s imperative that
these lanes be clear for emergency vehicles and violators will be towed at the owner’s
expense. Overflow parking is provided on East Gulf Beach Drive (County Right-of Way) in
front of 300 Ocean Mile at the vehicle owner’s risk.

2. Digging, climbing or walking on dunes or in dune restoration areas is prohibited.
Damage to dunes or dune vegetation is a violation of Florida Law. Beach access via
boardwalks only.

THE UNIT. Pets are limited to a maximum of 2 per pet friendly units. No pets are allowed
in non-pet friendly units. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets(s) using
bags provided at the pet stations. Please do not feed any stray or loose animals.
300 Ocean Mile July 2016

4. Each unit (and its contents) is privately owned. Do not move furnishings or equipment to
other units or locations.

5. All grilling or outdoor cooking of any kind must be done at the designated grill areas
only. The Franklin County Fire Codes strictly prohibit cooking on the decks or in the
carports under the units.

6. Open fires and fireworks are prohibited on 300 Ocean Mile property.

7. Posted pool rules must be observed at all times. Children under 12 must be accompanied
by an adult while in pool areas. Loud music, horseplay and boisterous activity are
prohibited. Pool furniture may not be taken to the beach or other areas of the complex.
Please do not bring your pets or any glass containers into the enclosed pool area.

8. Riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards or hover boards is not allowed on the boardwalks.

9. Please do not litter! Trash receptacles are provided for your use at the pool deck area.



I/we understand and agree to abide by the above rules. I/we agree that failure
to abide by the rules by any member of my party may result in fines or eviction
and forfeiture of all rents, fees and deposits.

Guest Signature _________________________________ Date___________
Print Name ________________________________

one charleston place


a note from


Thank you for being a guest of ONE CHARLESTON PLACE.    Each of the homes in OCP are individually owned, operated and maintained.  The common areas of lawn, pool and parking lot are provided and maintained by the owner’s joint efforts through our Home Owner’s association.

The members of the HOA take great pride in providing high quality amenities in the common areas.  Your efforts to make sure no one abuses the property during your stay will help us continue to meet the high standards you deserve and expect.

We’d like to ask you to be on the lookout for a few things while you’re here and to immediately report to your property manager any detrimental activity you observe during your stay.  Please report ANY activity by outsiders or other guests that you think detract from the experience of fully enjoying OCP, but please be specifically aware and report any violations of the following guidelines:

  • PARK ONLY IN YOUR DESIGNATED SPACES – Each unit has two clearly marked parking spaces. Parking in the space of another unit can inconvenience the guest in that unit.  Guests occasionally arrive in the middle of the night and it’s frustrating to do so, or to return to the property during the day, only to find your designated parking spot occupied.  Please be courteous to other guests by parking only in your designated spots.
  • NO PETS IN THE POOL AREA – This helps insure the enjoyment of the pool area by all guests. Occasionally a guest may walk through the pool area on their way to the beach with a pet properly secured on a leash in a manner that is not disruptive to other guests.  Please use your judgement about reporting this type of violation.  But please DO report a guest or other party who brings a pet into the pool area for any extended period of time, whether the pet enters the pool or not.
  • DO NOT REMOVE POOL FURNITURE FROM THE POOL AREA – The furniture provided in the pool area is designed for outside use, but is NOT designed or intended to be used on the beach. The pool furniture should not be removed from inside the fenced pool area and taken to the beach or to the lawn, decks or any other areas.
  • OUTSIDERS AND NON-REGISTERED GUESTS – Since the property borders a public beach and parking lot, outsiders may occasionally attempt to trespass by using the pool area, parking lot, beach access, garbage cans or other amenities provided by the HOA and intended for the exclusive use of registered guests. If you observe such activity, we ask that you immediately report it to your property manager.  Trespassing by outsiders can diminish the ability of registered guests to fully enjoy the property.  By helping us identify and discourage this type of behavior when and if you observe it, you will help us preserve the high quality experience you expect and deserve while a guest at OCP.

We truly hope you enjoy your stay at OCP and that you will come back time and time again.  We also hope you will tell your friends and family about our wonderful property.  Most of all we THANK YOU for helping us keep the property the best it can be for ALL GUESTS by observing and following a few simple rules for the common areas and by reporting any behavior you observe by others that detracts from everyone’s ability to fully enjoy the property.

Thank you !!!!!

Sunset beach


Sunset Beach
Rental Policies

     Other than for maintenance concerns which should be directed to Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island,
(850) 927-2110, please call the Community Manager for Sunset Beach for all other questions related to these rental
policies. The Community Manager can be reached at 850-927-4911.

1. Parking is limited and is strictly enforced. Up to 4 automobile-size parking spaces are provided under each home
and/or in its driveway. Additional parking for vehicles, a boat, boat trailer, etc., must be approved in advance by the

2. Designated parking for motor homes is not available. Hookups are not provided.

3. Sea oats and sea dunes are protected under Florida Law and our boardwalks are designed to save them. Please do
not litter the dunes, beaches or the community. The owners of Sunset Beach homes and the Community Manager
are very protective of the sand dunes and these rules are enforced. PLEASE NOTE: THIS ALSO MEANS NO

4. Please use the common boardwalks to access the beach. Boardwalks attached to individual houses are for the private
enjoyment of those residents and guests.

5. Pets are allowed only with permission from individual homeowners. Home owners, renters and their guests shall be
responsible for any damage or soiling caused by the pet of the homeowner or guest. It shall be the responsibility of
the pet owner, custodian or the person who is accompanying the animal to remove and dispose of the animal’s feces.

6. Clothes drying lines are not permitted at any home. Towels may not be hung outside on balconies and/or railings.
7. Please place all refuse and household garbage in the large can provided underneath the home. During High and Mid
Seasons, garbage pick- up service is typically provided on Tuesdays & Saturdays. During Low Season, garbage pick-
up service is typically provided on Tuesdays & Fridays.

8. Charcoal grills are provided in most of the homes. For safety reasons, grilling is restricted to the grill located on the
ground level of each home.

9. No radio, stereo or other device transmitting sound (live or recorded) shall be played in any loud manner so as to
disturb and/or annoy neighbors.

10. Fireworks are not allowed in Sunset Beach. Campfires are allowed on the beach ONLY, below the mean high water
line and away from all structures. Leftover campfire debris should be removed promptly, as soon as it is safe to do so.

11. Pool rules and hours of operation are posted at the pool and must be observed.

12. Destruction of signage, outdoor lighting in common areas, sprinklers, etc. will result in fines to responsible parties.

13. Pool furniture is not to be removed from the poolside.

14. For maintenance issues, please call Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island, (850) 927-2110.

Revised 09/11
Distributed with permission by Community Management Services

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