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Porch Party

Hosting the Ultimate Summertime Porch Party

There’s always somewhere to go on St. George Island. After all, fun awaits you at every turn! But the hidden benefit of our properties is that you can have just as much fun by extending an invitation to your friends and neighbors. Porch time is a uniquely Southern concept. When we look at our properties, […]

Couple Biking on the Beach
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A Health Nut’s Guide to St. George Island

While vacation can be a time for excess, those living a healthy lifestyle — or trying to start — will find plenty of opportunities to “live right” on St. George Island. It all starts with the drive in, along the four-mile St. George Island Bridge. Longtime visitors have described the traverse as “letting the real […]

Kids swimming

Enjoy These Five Cool Pools With Resort Vacation Properties

Two primary reasons for renting from Resort Vacation Properties are location and amenities. As you already know, there is no better place than St. George Island and the greater Forgotten Coast to relax and enjoy the many benefits of “island time.” As for amenities, considering the beautiful weather coastal Florida is known for, everyone wants […]

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Catch a break on the Forgotten Coast

If you’re like me, the phrase “spring break at the beach” brings back nightmares of partying college students waking your sleeping angels in the middle of the night. Beaches crowded with Frisbee-throwing, sand-kicking high schoolers. Long, slow drives through town behind a parade of spring breakers cruising for chicks. Ok, maybe that last one was […]

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Insider fishing tips for your cast along the Forgotten Coast

For some, the joy of fishing is the thrill of the chase. For others, it’s beating last year’s record catch. Still others love the meticulous selection of lures and other gear. But whichever is your favorite part, I’m guessing the peace and solitude are what keep you coming back. Unfortunately, peace and solitude can be […]

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Best Beach Pizza on the Island

I admit it: Pizza makes me happy. To some, it’s just bread, sauce, and cheese. But to me, it’s the perfect food. It’s great hot or cold, fresh or leftover. And with the right selection of toppings, you can please even the pickiest eaters (just don’t ask me to add pineapple). That’s what makes pizza […]