The Forgotten Coast is the ideal place to create unforgettable memories this holiday season. While you may find you’re less apt to have to bundle up on gorgeous St. George during the winter months, sugar sand makes a lovely winter white backdrop your bare feet will love even in December. Borrow from the natural wonder of the beach around you to set the beach holiday scene even further in your beautiful beach home with these DIY decorating tips:

1)      Create a shell wreath to welcome beach holiday guests to your seaside abode

Collect cockle shells or jagged pieces of sand dollars and affix to a circular foam wreath with a hot glue gun. You can fashion raffia in to a bow to create a cool, rustic accent or go more traditional with bold red and green ribbon cascading off of your newest holiday décor addition.

2)      Compose a mantel with waterfront focus

You can create a special homage to your favorite elements of the Forgotten Coast by scavenging the shore for fascinating finds like tulip shells, angel wings, caditas, boat shells, and starfish. Carefully clean your beach loot off and strategically place on your mantel, weaving greenery between the pieces. Consider gluing the favorite sea shells of each family member to their respective beach holiday Christmas stockings to add a unique, wistful touch reminiscent of the ocean.

3)      Elevate beach holiday ambiance with a little help from the coast

 Mix merry-and-bright with the beach by adding shell accents to your family’s flickering holiday candles. You can place simple, classic votive candles in cleaned oyster shells to build a place setting that puts you right at the beach even when you’re inside. For larger, pillar candles, use a hot glue gun to fasten cockle shells or delicate baby’s ears around the base of the candle. Then, place the candle on a shiny silver plate or create a row of various sized shell-encircled candles on a white wooden tray. This can serve as a special seaside centerpiece for your holiday meal or be placed on end tables to create a lovely glow during your family’s gathering.

4)      Nod to the nautical with knots

Seafaring culture heavily features thick ropes fashioned into knots for various purposes. You can bring a light, littoral touch to your gift wrap by featuring a nautical knot in lieu of ribbon. After your holiday gifts are wrapped and secured with tape, draw rope around the long and shorter sides of the package, creating a T in the center. Then, create a sailor’s knot of your choosing in the center to bring a bit of high seas-style season’s greetings to your loved ones.


5)      Build a tablescape of tiny “trees” using beach treasures

Scan the seaside for cone-shaped shells to use as miniature Christmas trees. Build a tree garden of diminutive proportions as a sweet holiday detail. You can even find small dried starfish to punctuate each “tree” as a tiny topper.