Folks who visit St. George Island tell us they don’t want to stay anywhere else. And we want them back every time, too. After all, it’s personal. For many of them, multiple generations of their families have made this their island for a few weeks or months every year, no matter where home is.

But St. George Island is a unique destination for everyone who visits, and we’ve put together a few reasons we think that that is. Here are the top 5 reasons St. George Island is truly one of a kind.

  1. No high-rise condos or massive buildings of any kind. Look up from any point on the island and while you may see our historic lighthouse or water tower, what you won’t see is a towering condominium complex or hotel. There are hundreds of places to stay on the island, but due to the strict, 35-foot height restriction on buildings, they’ll never block a sunrise or sunset. Our goal is to make sure that anything man-made complements and provides respectful access to the amazing scenery available no where else.
  2. Speaking of scenery, you’d be hard pressed to find another place where the Gulf of Mexico and a thriving interior bay are so close together. On St. George Island, you can take a dip in Apalachicola Bay or hop on a charter boat docked there before the powdery beach sand from the Gulf side has even brushed off your feet. The island is just shy of a mile wide at its broadest point and much more narrow elsewhere. It’s an especially cool experience by kayak, canoe or power boat. In Apalachicola Bay you can fish for more than 100 species of fish before rounding the point at St. George Island State Park, where 25 miles of sandy beaches and surf and offshore fishing await.
  3. From beaches to wilderness preserves and all the natural beauty in between, visitors to St. George Island coexist with incredibly diverse and unique wildlife. As a community we do our best to protect the several thousand green, loggerhead and Kemp’s Ridley turtles that hatch on the island during the summer months. But it’s not just the turtles who infuse our vacations with beautiful new life, there are also dolphins, more than 300 species of birds, as well as countless amphibians and reptiles who either stop by seasonally or call St. George Island home year-round. We love them all and have an amazing time appreciating their beauty. And with our “leave no trace” policy across the island, we all have a hand in making sure these special creatures are protected.
  4. On St. George Island, our domesticated animals are just as important to us as those living in the wild, and here there’s incredible access for pets, especially for our canine friends. The island is exceptionally pet-friendly, with dogs allowed on both beach and bayside on most of the island as long as they are on a leash. And in the business district, you’ll find many different shops and restaurants who not only allow them to join you, but offer a treat or two as a welcome.
  5. George Island State Park is a fantastic resource for everyone who visits the island. A beautiful public reserve spread over 2,000 acres, the park has nine miles of undeveloped shoreline, majestic dunes, a bay forest, and salt marshes. Here, you’ll also discover campgrounds, boat launches, and several miles of pristine sugar-sand beaches.
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  1. Jan Wencil
    Jan Wencil says:

    We’ve been to several beaches on the Gulf Coast, nothing compares to SGI. Coming back for our 45th Wedding Anniversary in 2019.

    • Resort Vacation Properties
      Resort Vacation Properties says:

      Happy Anniversary, Jan!

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