The case for cool sands (yes, cool!) on the Gulf Coast courtesy of a beachgoer who doesn’t love the heat

Winter Beach Visits in St. George Island FL – Resort Vacation Properties

I admit I’m not a huge fan of the beach in the summer…I love the idea of it, but after a few minutes, I’m too hot, too sweaty, too covered in sand to be happy.

But the beach in winter? Yeah, that’s wonderful.

The cooler temperatures, the crisp blue skies, the puffy clouds. I can walk on the beach all day with a cool breeze on my face (I just need someone to remind me that sunscreen is still a necessity, even when it’s a bit chilly).

And while the warm temperatures and endless sunshine maybe tempting for some, all the benefits of winter at the beach are like a siren’s song to me:

Smaller Crowds

Don’t get me wrong. I like people, just maybe in smaller doses than the Gulf Coast beaches sometimes attract. I prefer the quiet solitude of an empty beach, a friendly conversation with a shop owner when she’s not too busy, a leisurely lunch without feeling like I’m depriving someone of my table.

Better Prices, Everywhere

“Off season”—my favorite two words, right after “federal holiday.” During the off season at the beach (read “winter”), you can take advantage of lower rental rates, lower menu prices, and in some cases, even lower admission fees. Of course, not every place is open during off season, to be sure to check websites before you travel. Fortunately, St. George Island’s go-to for home-away-from-homes offers a host of great deals on everything from coastal palaces to beachy bungalows. Check out availability and the latest specials at Resort Vacation Properties here or call 844-314-8765 to talk hot winter deals.

Milder Weather

You have to admit, the worst winter day at the beach is still better than the best winter day up North, am I right? I mean, we’re talking daytime highs in the 60s in January and February, and as high as the 70s in November on average. That’s a just about a perfect day in my book. Plus, the likelihood of rain is much lower in the winter months.

Your Moment of Zen

Actually, quite a few for me: The dazzling winter sunsets. Quiet walks through the streets of quaint beach towns and fishing villages, like Bay Avenue in Apalachicola (Love the Queen Anne-style homes!) and the miles of unmarred coastline views along gorgeous St. George Island. Hiking on a cool afternoon. Kayaking on a peaceful morning. The list goes on.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of the beach in winter. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. But don’t tell everyone…let’s keep it our little secret. Talk to a friendly, knowledgeable Resort Vacation Properties Vacation Specialist by calling 844-314-8765 to get the inside scoop of other benefits of hitting the beach during the off season!

What do you like about the winter at St. George Island? Let us know below!

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