If the St. George Island weather traps you indoors, there are plenty of ways to have fun in your vacation rental. Discover a few from Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island.

Even if you plan your beach vacation for the dry season, there’s always a chance for the weather to become a bit rainy on Florida’s Forgotten Coast and St. George Island. A sudden storm doesn’t have to ruin your beach vacation, though. If you get rained out, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island offers a few tips to keep having fun inside your rental despite the rainy weather.

Have a Spa Day

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. Of course, spas can also be very expensive, especially if you’re treating your whole family. Not everyone wants to devote a large chunk of their vacation budget to a rainy-day backup plan. Instead of dropping cash on a professional spa treatment, you can whip up an inexpensive version in your vacation rental. Cucumbers, lemons, and coconut oil are readily available at most grocery stores. You can even look up some DIY face masks or foot rubs and treat yourself to the full spa day experience without ever leaving your rental.

Keep It Cozy and Casual

If a spa day isn’t your style, there are other ways to relax without a beach. Put on your pajamas, pile up all the pillows your vacation rental can offer, and enjoy a rainy-day activity such as:

  • View a family favorite movie.
  • Read a book from a local bookstore.
  • Sip tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, or crack open a cold beer.
  • Watch the rain through your beach-view windows.

Play Some Games

Add some excitement to your rainy day with a little competition. Many vacation rentals come equipped with a few classic board games, decks of cards, or puzzles for just this purpose. You can even set small prizes for the winners! There are also plenty of mobile apps for group games, and Pictionary and Charades don’t require anything more than a pencil and some paper.

Cook Up Something Delicious

Spend your rainy days cooking. Vacation rentals don’t only have games, but most of them also have a fully equipped kitchen with all the tools you’ll need to whip up something tasty. Just take a quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients, and you’re set to go. What you make is only limited by your imagination. Try out a new recipe, bake a favorite dessert, and get the kids involved. You’ll have fun, stay dry, and create a delicious meal to share.

Get Crafty

Your vacation might not be over yet, but rainy downtime is a great opportunity to get a head start on saving the memories you’ve made so far. Take advantage of a quiet moment to pull out your camera, upload some pictures, and even order a few prints to get started on a scrapbook. Or, if your kids have filled their pockets with shells, you can string them up into necklaces or gather them into display jars.

For more suggestions on things to do in rainy St. George Island weather, contact Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island today.

When visiting the Forgotten Coast of Florida, don’t forget to try St. George Island seafood. Discover some of the best local dishes with Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island.

 Must-Try St. George Island Seafood

No ocean vacation is complete without a seafood dinner. Whether fish, shellfish, or crustaceans, seafood doesn’t get any fresher than the catch of the day at a locally owned restaurant on Florida’s St. George Island. But where should you start? Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island introduces some of the most popular St. George Island seafood dishes to try the next time you’re dining in our area.


Don’t forget to Unlock your Vacation Guide for more information on the Forgotten Coast’s best dining options.

Apalachicola Bay Oysters

When it comes to seafood, the Forgotten Coast is best known for its oysters. St. George Island sits right next door to the Apalachicola Bay, where the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint Rivers meet the ocean water. The nutrient-rich blend of H20 creates a complex network of food chains and the perfect feeding ground for sea life of all kinds. In fact, Apalachicola Bay is renowned as one of the most productive estuaries in the world, and its oysters are uniquely plump, mellow, and delicious.

Wild-caught Apalachicola Bay oysters are a feature on menus all along the Gulf Coast, but especially on St. George Island. Enjoy them raw on the half shell, baked, or steamed. With oyster boats coming in daily, you can be sure your meal is as fresh as it gets.

Shrimp, Shrimp, and More Shrimp

The Apalachicola Bay estuary also produces over a million pounds of shrimp every year, including white brown, and sweet pink varieties. With so much shrimp available, it’s no wonder that locals have invented some delicious ways to cook it! Here are a few popular Floridian ways to consume this maritime delicacy:

  • Shrimp and grits: This classic Southern and Creole dish is available at almost any seafood restaurant, ranging from simple low-country fare to more elaborate interpretations.
  • Peel and eat: If you’re looking for fresh and authentic, it doesn’t get better than peeling and eating pink shrimp. They’re traditionally served cold with lemon and cocktail sauce or warm, beer-steamed, and covered in Old Bay Seasoning.

Florida Blue Crab

A large percentage of Floridian crab harvests come from fishing in the bay and surrounding area – the crustaceans almost seem eager to climb into a trap. Whether blue crabs are caught yourself, bought fresh from a seafood market, or cooked by a restaurant, they’re an excellent culinary experience on St. George Island. The most popular method is steamed and served with lemon, vinegar, and Old Bay Seasoning. It’s no-frills, down-to-earth, and homey – not to mention tasty. That’s not the only way to go, of course. There are dozens of ways to enjoy a crab dish – take your pick on your next visit to our area.

Explore St. George Island Seafood and Cuisine

Oysters, shrimp, and crab are the most popular St. George Island seafood offerings, but they’re by no means the limit. Plan your trip today with Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island to explore the other great eats pulled from the ocean and estuary. We offer hundreds of rental properties to stay in during your local seafood adventures. To book, contact us today.

Pedal your way to St. George Island for a relaxing ride down the Forgotten Coast. Did you know our island offers 17 incredible bike paths? When you experience a day of St. George Island biking, you not only get to spend some well-deserved time outside in the fresh air, but you also will be able to see gorgeous Florida scenery, sandy backroads, lush forests, and feel the relaxing sea breeze! Read on to find out everything you need to know about biking the Forgotten Coast so that you can be prepared before you release the kickstand!

To learn more about the fun outdoor activities in the area, along with the best restaurants, shops, and popular attractions, make sure to request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to St. George Island. Your island adventures await after the click of a button. Start planning out your vacation itinerary now!

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Everything You Need to Know About St. George Island Biking

Where to Rent a Bike on St. George Island

If you don’t have any room to bring your bike with you on vacation, no worries! You have a few options to choose from when it comes to nearby bike rentals. A few of our top choices include Jolly Roger Beach Shop on West Bay Shore Drive or St. George Island Adventures on East Gulf Beach Drive.

At SGI Adventures, you can rent a bike for $15 per day, $25 for two to three days, $35 for three to five days, or $45 for six to seven days. If you plan to spend the day at the beach, you may also want to look into renting their beach chairs, umbrellas, fishing carts, or beach wheelchairs.

The Best Places to Ride a Bike on St George Island

With St. George Island running for 22 miles between the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay, we are fortunate to have miles of beautiful biking areas.  A few bicycle paths that we recommend that you explore are the St. George Island Bike Path and the paved paths within St. George Island State Park. It’s great because you can take SGI Bike Path straight to either the State Park or to one of the beaches!

Where to Rest a Day of Biking Around St. George Island

After you’ve explored the entire barrier island by pedal, it’s time to hit the brakes, and relax in a gorgeous St. George Island vacation rental by the beach! When you choose to stay with Resort Vacation Properties, you’ll have access to a selection of houses for any group, large or small! You can pick and choose which amenities make your dream vacation home, whether it be the proximity to the beach, a private pool, hot tub, screened porch, and more!

Between Tides is a stunning four-bedroom, four-bathroom dream home. You and nine of your closest friends and family are sure to make yourself at home in this incredible vacation home. This pet-friendly home is a short stroll from the community boardwalk, with two porches, and views of the community pool! Check our availability, and start picturing your next vacation in your favorite beach home on the Florida Panhandle!

What’s your favorite part about vacation? Is it sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on a refreshing cocktail as all your worries fade away? We like the sound of that! As locals, we know all the best spots for drinks and fun times. Keep reading and learn about some of our favorite St. George Island bars!

Where will you reside during your St. George Island summer vacation? We’ve got you covered here at Resort Vacation Properties! We offer an array of private vacation rentals, and they all feature excellent amenities so you can feel at home.

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Check Out These St. George Island Bars

These are some of our favorite St. George Island, FL, bars. Give them a try the next time you stay with us!

Harry A’s Bar and Grill

Location: 28 W Bay Shore Dr, St George Island, FL 32328

During the afternoon and evening, Harry A’s Bar and Grill is a lively restaurant and bar serving up fresh seafood and mouthwatering bar fare. As the sun begins to set, this location quickly turns into an adults-only party. The expansive outdoor space and a large stage for live entertainment make Harry A’s one of the area’s premier late-night destinations.

Libations to Try: $6 Long Island Iced Tea and Tito’s Bloody Mary

Paddy’s Raw Bar

Location: 240 3rd St E, St George Island, FL 32328

Paddy’s Raw Bar is an upbeat full bar and restaurant that features outstanding waterfront views. The staff here takes pride in offering you the freshest and highest-quality seafood—their Apalachicola Bay Oysters are delivered fresh by the boat daily! Paddy’s also offers live music daily and team trivia on Mondays.

Libations to Try: Oyster City Apalach IPA Draft Beer (brewed locally) or one of their other 16 beers on tap

Blue Parrot Ocean Front Café

Location: 68 E Gorrie Dr, St George Island, FL 32328

If you’re looking for a laidback eatery on the water with island-inspired décor and tiki bar-themed cocktails, Blue Parrot Ocean Front Café is the place for you. Your family can choose to dine on their sun-drenched porch, covered deck, or air-conditioned dining room. As you browse their menu, you’ll find delectable options, including their Fresh Fish Tacos, World Famous Seafood Platter, and Cheeseburger in “Parrotdise.”

Libations to Try: St. Geroge Island Breeze – A refreshing blend of citrus juices with cherry-infused vodka, served on the rocks.

Beach Pit

Location: 49 W Pine Ave, St George Island, FL 32328

The Beach Pit is a favorite hangout spot among locals and tourists alike. It offers Texas-style barbecue, scrumptious seafood, an impressive beer selection, and a pet-friendly screened-in patio. Although the Beach Pit specializes in slow-cooked barbecue, they’re proud to offer yummy selections that the whole family can enjoy, such as fried chicken, steamed crab legs, po-boys, and more. Plus, they serve a mean breakfast too!

Libations to Try: Handcrafted Margarita with salt

Stay Near All of the Action With Resort Vacation Properties

For over 15 years, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island has operated with a simple mission—provide affordable, high-quality Forgotten Coast rentals for those wishing to experience the island’s beauty and charm. Over the years, we’ve been able to do just that. With single-family homes located across St. George Island, our guests have access to a treasure trove of coastal activities while making precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Check Our Availability

Make a splash this summer and head to the Forgotten Coast for a memorable vacation with your loved ones. Our adventure-filled barrier island is the perfect place to get outdoors and get active! But, before we dive into the best St. George Island water activities, don’t forget to unlock your copy of our free Vacation Guide to St. George Island and Apalachicola Bay.  This handy guide offers local insight on some of the best attractions, outdoor recreation, and restaurants around town. Check it out, and start crafting together your perfect getaway today!

St. George Island Water Activities You Need to Experience

St. George Island Kayaking

The best way to explore the Gulf Coast is by water, so why not paddle your way around the beaches and creeks of the Forgotten Coast? Luckily, you have numerous options all over town for kayak, canoe, jet ski, and paddleboard rentals.

Here are some of our recommendations for St. George Island Kayak rentals:

St. George Island Boat Rentals and Eco-Tours

Imagine it now. The warm sun on your skin, the salty breeze in your hair, the contagious smiles on everybody’s faces! This is what a typical day is like while boating around SGI! There are many options for excursions and eco-tours with The Wheelhouse Adventure Tours. You can choose from their River Eco Tour, Bay Adventure Tours, Sunset on the Bay, and more.

St. George Island Fishing Charters

Or, maybe you’ll choose to reel in a big one and rent a St. George Island fishing charter. Whether you’re interested in surf fishing or deep-sea fishing, you’re sure to find a boat rental for the experience you crave! Here are some of the best fishing charter rentals on St. George Island and Apalachicola Bay!

St. George Island Jet Ski Rentals

Get the adrenaline rush going when you cruise around the Forgotten Coast by jet ski! Jet Skiing the waters of St. George Island is one of the most thrilling experiences and one of the best ways to scope out the waterways. If you’ve never jet skied before, we highly recommend you try this fun SGI water activity with your best buds. You can rent a jet ski here:

Get Some R&R With Resort Vacation Properties

After a full day of St. George Island water activities, you’ll want to kick your feet up and relax. Recharge for a new day of adventures by resting in one of the best vacation rentals on SGI! Find the perfect vacation home with all of the amenities you desire. If you still can’t get enough water activities, book a rental with a private pool or beach access! Adventure is always just steps away! So, what are you waiting for? Check our availability, and start planning your next getaway!

Tee Off at 2 of the Best Forgotten Coast Golf Courses

What is better than a little bit of sunshine, beautiful scenery, great people, fun memories, and a friendly game of golf? It does not get much better than that! Tee off during your next vacation on the Forgotten Coast and make sure to visit the best Forgotten Coast golf courses. And, when it is time to give the golf clubs a rest, find a variety of other incredible experiences to have by looking at our complimentary St. George Island Vacation Guide. It offers local insight on all our favorite restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreation around the island and Apalachicola Bay!

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Golf on the Gulf by Visiting These St. George Island Golf Courses

St. James Bay Golf Club

Just a little over a half-hour from our properties on St. George Island is the beautiful St. James Bay Golf Club in Carrabelle. This 18-hole championship golf course is ideal because it offers a combination of a beautifully manicured golf course, putting greens, breathtaking scenery, and appearances from the diverse array of Florida Wildlife. St. James Bay Golf Club, designed by Robert Walker, is one of the only attractions in the area that is designated an Audubon Signature Sanctuary for cranes, hawks, eagles, and other birds.

If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a black bear or an infamous Florida gator! Plus, the wetlands and water hazards make any game a bit more challenging for an advanced player.

No matter what you need throughout the day, St. James Bay likely offers it. Their Yamaha golf carts come equipped with a GPS, Bluetooth, and phone charger. If you’re hungry after a full day of playing golf, you’ll want to try out their onsite restaurant, Crooked River Grill for delicious coastal cuisine.

St. James Bay Golf Club is open to the public, so anyone can book a tee time on their website!

St. Joseph’s Bay Country Club

Another great place to golf on the Gulf is St. Joseph Bay Golf Club in Port St. Joe, Florida. This par-72, 18-hole championship golf course offers spacious fairways that are perfect for any experience level.

There, you can take a swing at the driving range or putting range. Then, when you’re ready for a break, cool off in the pool, or enjoy lunch or dinner at the full-service restaurant, Shaggy Bay Supper Club. Make sure to gather your buddies after the game for a cold drink because the restaurant includes a fully stocked bar as well!

When It is Time to Put the Club Down

A full day of fun under the sun is sure to tire you out in the best way possible, so you’ll want to unwind in the best vacation rentals on St. George Island. Resort Vacation Properties offers incredible vacation homes just steps from the beach and not too far from the golf courses. Our large selection of small or family-sized vacation rentals includes an array of amenities so that you can have the best golf getaway on the Forgotten Coast. Take a look at our rentals, and book your favorite one today!

Are you longing for the days of warm temperatures, sunshine, and dipping a paddle into the smooth rivers and waterways of Florida’s Forgotten Coast? Then, it must be time for a day of St. George Island kayaking! St. George Island, Florida, is an ideal destination for water activities, like kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and fishing trips.

But, water sports aren’t the only fun activities to do in the area! St. George Island offers an array of family-friendly activities to help you create the most memorable Florida vacation yet. To learn about all of the best things to do in the area, including top restaurants, attractions, and outdoor recreation, make sure to request access to our free Vacation Guide to St. George Island and Apalachicola Bay!

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Your St. George Island Kayaking Guide

St. George Island Kayak Rentals

Journeys of SGI

If you have an appetite for new journeys and experiences, you should check out Journeys of SGI. Travel to new areas, encounter Florida’s most fascinating wildlife and scenery, and enjoy the journey while paddling through the streams and rivers of the Gulf coast. In addition to rentals, they also offer river tours and fishing equipment. You can choose to rent kayaks, canoes, fishing kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, or golf carts.

Island Outfitters

If you’re looking for a place to hook you up with the Hobie Kayaks, BIC Sports Stand Up Paddle Boards, or a Yakima rack to help get you to the boat launch, make a visit to St. George Island Outfitters. When you rent with SGI Outfitters, they guarantee you the finest fishing kayaks, high-quality seats, life jackets, paddles, and roof racks to make your day on the water as easy as possible.

St. George Island State Park

St. George Island State Park is one of the most popular places to paddle, so it’s convenient that the renowned park offers kayak and canoe rentals. You can pick them up at the ranger station before hitting the bay or Apalachicola River!

One of the best ways to explore Florida is by discovering its wildlife and the different ecosystems that support them. There are so many ways to spend the day with nature. SGI State Park offers some amazing experiences and amenities, including three-and-a-half miles of bike paths and nature trails, fantastic birding opportunities, boating, fishing, geocaching, hiking, picnicking, shelling, stargazing, swimming, and nine miles of pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico! You’ll never be short on outdoor activities during your vacation.

Where to Rest After Your Paddling Adventure

Once you get tired from all the canoeing and kayaking, lay your head down in a comfortable St. George Island vacation rental. Resort Vacation Properties offers the best rentals on the Forgotten Coast for you and your family. Choose from incredible beach homes that are large enough for your entire family, including the four-legged, furry members!

Blue Skies is a stunning beach home that will have you craving blue skies, sunshine, and fun outdoors. This four-bedroom home is perfect for you and your family as it can accommodate 12 people. How would you like to wake up each morning to coffee with a view and the relaxing sound of the ocean? Blue Skies has a beautiful porch with a fantastic view of the water and a private pool. If this sounds like your dream home, check our availability and start planning your dream vacation today!

St. George Island and the rest of Florida’s Forgotten Coast are known for mild weather. This makes the region attractive to travelers who want to avoid the more frequent rain-outs found in Orlando and the central portion of the state. No place is completely dry, however, so it’s still important to plan ahead. Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island offers a comprehensive guide to preparing for St. George Island rain, when to expect it, and what to do if a storm hits during your vacation.

Avoiding the Rainy Season

The first step to planning for rain is knowing when to expect it. As with anywhere else in the country, St. George Island has its seasons, and some are dryer than others. While rain can occur year-round, it’s most common during certain months, including:

  • April through July: Late spring and early summer are the rainy seasons. While it’s still a great time to visit, tourists should come prepared for the occasional drizzle or downpour.
  • August through October: This is Florida’s hurricane season, but don’t let the name scare you. Severe storms are rare. This time of year is characterized by intense but brief thunderstorms. Otherwise, the weather is relatively fair.

In contrast, the driest months of the year occur between late October and December. If you’re worried about humidity and rain, you may want to consider traveling to St. George Island during the fall and early winter.

Pack the Right Supplies

Even during the dry season, of course, weather can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s important to expect the unexpected, and this should be reflected in your packing list. At the very least, make sure your suitcase contains a spare poncho and umbrella just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. For visits during the rainy seasons, however, you may also want your raincoat and a pair of shoes that can safely get wet.

If you do get caught unprepared, however, don’t worry. Most St. George Island rain doesn’t last all day. Downpours may be sudden, but they very rarely last more than an hour. You’ll be able to dry off, go outside again, and enjoy your vacation as if the rain never happened.

Make Room in Your Itinerary

Rainy days don’t have to mean an end to the fun. As you plan your itinerary, include a few alternative activities when rain brings an end to your original plans. There are plenty of ways to wait out the weather without missing out on the fun. Here are just a few ideas for rainy days on St. George Island:

  • Bring indoor-friendly activities to enjoy in your vacation rental, like a good book, some puzzles, or a board game.
  • Check out a museum and spend the storm learning interesting facts about local history, culture, art, and ecology.
  • Go shopping and browse the boutiques for unique apparel, sporting goods, handmade crafts, rare beach finds, and more.
  • If the rain occurs at a mealtime, hop in the car and head to a restaurant for some delicious seafood or local cuisine.

Planning Ahead for a Rainy Day

Though Florida’s Forgotten Coast is host to the occasional rainfall, that shouldn’t put a damper on your vacation. Careful planning, a thorough packing list, and alternative itineraries can help ensure your trip stays fun despite the weather. Contact Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island today for more tips on having fun in the St. George Island rain.

Labor Day weekend is one of the most popular weekends for travel. It’s an opportunity to take a trip without taking off work and get away before the kids go back to school. But with so many destinations to choose from, how can you decide where to spend the precious last days of summer? Here, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island explains why a St. George Island Labor Day getaway deserves some consideration.

Less Crowded than Other Florida Beaches

Florida beaches are notoriously busy at any time of year – especially Labor Day weekend. Already-bustling beaches and boardwalks have to make room for even more tourists, and it can be hard to find a quiet spot to sunbathe, fish, or spend time with family.

In contrast, St. George Island is located on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. Nestled in the panhandle of the state, the region offers tons of fun activities for the whole family, from boating and fishing to fine dining, shops, and museums. Best of all, it’s far from the tourism rush of Florida’s southern and eastern coasts.

Untouched, Natural Beaches and Shoreline

The shoreline around St. George Island is one of the few areas of the Gulf Coast that isn’t overrun with high rises and strip malls. If you’re looking for pristine natural beauty and gorgeous beaches, then St. George Island is for you. With more than 25 miles of white, sandy beaches for families to walk, lounge, and play on, St. George Island also offers a wide range of ways to enjoy the beauty, including:

  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing charters and scenic cruises
  • Canoe and kayak rentals
  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Beachcombing
  • Bird watching
  • Picnic areas
  • And so much more!

What’s more, our beaches and trails are pet-friendly. When you head out on an adventure to connect with nature, you are invited to bring your dog with you.

Experiences Rich in History

On a trip to St. George Island, there’s more to take in than sprawling, untouched beaches and local eats. You can even cross the bay to relive important moments in American history. The nearby town of Apalachicola was one of the most important cotton ports in the mid-19th century. There, you can explore a restored Antebellum home and learn about the cotton trade, as well as visit a museum to discover the area’s Native American heritage.

The Forgotten Coast also boasts a late 19th century armory, the Crooked River Lighthouse, and a museum dedicated to the invention of air conditioning. For those interested in maritime history, the Apalachicola Maritime Museum is an opportunity to take a sunset tour on an assortment of historical vessels, including the Jean Mary, a fully renovated authentic paddlewheel cruiser.

Plan Your Labor Day Vacation

Next time you’re planning a Labor Day vacation, consider spending it in St. George Island. Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island offers vacation rental properties in a variety of locales to stay in. You’ll have peace and quiet while you celebrate and reconnect with nature and your family. To learn more about booking a St. George Island Labor Day vacation, contact us today.

Sunbathing is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the pool or beach, and it also comes with a lot of benefits. Sun exposure prevents vitamin D deficiency, reduces depression, improves your sleep, and can even strengthen your bones and immune system. Sunbathing doesn’t come without its risks, though, and it’s crucial to tan wisely. Here, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island offers a few tips for safe sunbathing so you can enjoy a healthy and worry-free vacation in Florida.

Wear Sunscreen

The first important step is sunscreen, as any amount of time spent in the sun unprotected elevates your risk of skin cancer. Health experts recommend looking for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Try to be thorough when applying, too. It’s easy to forget your hands, feet, and ears, for instance, but they can be especially sensitive and need just as much protection as other areas. After applying, wait a full 15 minutes before going outside to ensure the sunscreen has soaked into your skin and can fully protect it.

There’s a popular misconception sunscreen will keep you from tanning, preventing many from wearing it in the first place. This just isn’t true. Sunscreen extends the amount of time you can be in the sun before burning, but it doesn’t prevent you from achieving a golden glow.

Beat the Heat

Sunscreen can protect against sunburns, but it won’t prevent heat-related illnesses. It’s no secret that Florida weather is hot, especially for travelers who are used to cooler climates, so it’s important to take extra precautions to keep from overheating while sunbathing. Here are some recommendations:

  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing so your body can cool itself properly.
  • Cover your head, face, and eyes with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Fruit and vegetable juices also provide a good source of hydration.
  • If you’re from out of town, go outside in small increments to slowly adjust to the weather.
  • Take frequent breaks to rest in the shade or air-conditioned indoors.

Control Your Exposure

Sunbathing for hours sounds tempting when you’re on vacation, but it can lead to sunburn and other health-related consequences. Instead, try to limit your exposure. For instance, spend 20-30 minutes lying on your back, then the same amount of time on your stomach. When your time is up, go inside. You can sunbathe for slightly longer if you’re laying in the shade, but it’s still important to be careful.

Controlling your exposure isn’t just about how long you’re in the sun, though, as the time of day you head outside should also be considered. The sun is most intense between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., making the morning or late afternoon ideal times for sunbathing.

Know When to Go Inside

If you’re looking for a place to rest between safe sunbathing sessions, explore our many rental properties on St. George Island. We also offer several pet-friendly rentals so your furry companion can enjoy the Florida sunshine with you. Learn more about our properties by contacting Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island today.