Enjoying the Sands of St. George Island

Visitors are often struck by the sheer beauty of St. George Island. From the sparkling water to the glittering St. George Sand, there’s so much to take in during your visit. Your beach days will fill up quickly with swimming and soaking up the sun, but there are many more ways to enjoy sandy beaches than you might have realized. Here, Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island takes a look at a few that are sure to be favorites during your next stay.

Have a Picnic

St. George Island is home to many restaurants you’ll want to visit, but the beach is also a great spot to grab a bite. Spread out a blanket, sit back, and treat yourself to a delicious feast with an incredible view. A picnic can be as elaborate or simple as you want, making it a great way for families, couples, and friends to spend time together. Whip up a delectable charcuterie board and pop open a bottle of wine, or enjoy chips and sandwiches with the kids. Either way, you’ll have a good time.

Get Artistic

Building a sandcastle is a classic beach pastime. Kids will love bringing imagination to life, and adults are sure to have fun as well. You don’t need fancy molds to make something impressive, either. All you need is a stable foundation, sand and water, and a few basic tools:

  • Buckets for hauling sand and water
  • A small plastic shovel for scooping
  • Found décor: shells, seaweed, feathers, or driftwood
  • Household tools like popsicle sticks or plastic spoons

If your property offers free beach gear, you’ll find everything you need included with your stay. All you’ll need to do is reserve your gear and dig in.

Play a Game

Vacations are all about relaxation, but sometimes you need a little physical activity. Beach volleyball is fun for everyone, and you won’t need a court or net to do it. Simply draw a line in the sand, divide into teams, inflate a beach ball, and see who comes out on top. The sand is also a great place for throwing a ball or Frisbee back and forth, playing beanbag toss, and more.

Sand games don’t have to be athletic, however. Tic-tac-toe and hangman are popular games that you can simply draw in the sand with a stick. You can also return to your sand sculpting for a pick-up game of beach Pictionary.

Light a Bonfire

When it starts to get dark, finish your beach day with a fire. You can roast some marshmallows, dance, share ghost stories, and simply enjoy each other’s company around a crackling blaze. Just make sure you find a beach where fires are allowed and obey any fire laws in the area. St. George Island, for instance, only allows fires below the average high-water line and asks visitors to clean up the debris when they’re done.

Enjoy the St. George Island Sand

As you plan your next visit to St. George Island, don’t forget to schedule some activities you can enjoy on the sand and make reservations for one of Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island’s welcoming vacation rental properties. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the glittering St. George Island sand as you relax and unwind. To learn more, contact us today.

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