Update 5/19/20-

We are open for business!

Today we heard from our state representative, Jason Shoaf, that some panhandle counties including Franklin had their short term rental ban lifted.

Franklin County Public Beaches and boat ramps have reopened on Friday, May 8th at 12 PM EST to locals and visitors. There are no activity restrictions during the time the beaches are open.

All our local restaurants are opened at 50% indoor capacity and and To-Go orders are still encouraged, and some are even offering delivery!

We can’t wait to see everyone back on our beautiful beaches!

 As you know, we have removed comforters and throw pillows and your beds will now be triple sheeted. Many of you have decided that you would like to receive your linens in a sealed bag so that you can make beds yourself. We are happy to report that this option will be available to back to back rentals only if reserved in advance. As properties are cleaned, beds will be made, unless you specifically request to have bagged linens provided. We have been working diligently to triple sheet all homes while they have been vacant so if you are the first guest to arrive, your beds will be made. If you would like to have bagged linens provided and make your own beds, please contact our office and let us know as soon as possible. You must have your reservation number, date of arrival and property you have reserved when you call, text or email. Please send this information with a note: DO NOT MAKE BEDS, PROVIDE LINEN ONLY.
              Phone: 866-927-2322
              Text: 850-927-2322
              Email: sgirentals@resortvacationproperties.com
We can’t wait to have you back, but please remember that we are all coming back from a pandemic. When you are out and about in public, please follow the CDC guidelines.

We know that property cleanliness will be more important than ever when you are able to visit us again. Our housekeeping team has been busy completing deep cleans on properties while they have been vacant. All beds will be triple sheeted prior to your arrival with fresh clean linen. Comforters, shams and throw pillows have been removed. Between each guest, our housekeepers will also sanitize and disinfect all areas, including bathrooms and high touch points with chemicals that contain and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses per CDC and OSHA guidelines. High-touch points in your property include, but are not limited to:

  • Light switches, outlets, lamp and fan pull-chains and switches
  • Cabinet pulls and knobs
  • Controls for large appliance and electronics (washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove)
  • Temperature controls
  • Bureau drawer knobs or pull
  • Remote Controls
  • Stair railings and outdoor porch railings

At our laundry facility, we have 4 commercial washers and dryers that professionally sanitize all linens and towels. We launder, fold and pack over 18,000 pieces of laundry each summer week. Housekeepers will change out all linen between each guest. Soiled linens are treated as if they are contaminated when they enter the laundry and are kept separate from any clean, packed linen, reducing risk of cross-contamination into our clean space.