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Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, even your pets. However, most families find it difficult to take their pets along with them whenever they do go on vacation. Few vacation properties allow pets, after all. Fortunately, we do provide pet-friendly rentals here on St. George Island, which means that you can finally take […]

The ability to take your pet with you on vacation to St. George Island, FL is what draws many visitors to our pet-friendly rentals. However, a lot of people aren’t used to being able to take their pets with them on vacation and therefore aren’t aware that there are additional pet safety tips that they […]

Small Rentals on St. George Island FL - Resort Vacation Properties

Resort Vacation Properties is lucky to be able to offer our guests homes that can accommodate up to twenty people. While it’s lots of fun to vacation with a huge crew, sometimes it’s nice to slip away with just your immediate family or a few close friends. For those times, we’re happy to offer a […]

Paddle Boarding on St. George Island FL - Resort Vacation Properties

One of the most exciting parts of vacation for endorphin enthusiasts is the chance to switch up our exercise routine. St. George Island is a fitness lover’s dream, with 17 miles of paved bike trails and our greatest resource for adventure—the Gulf of Mexico. Needless to say, many of our activities are water-based, but one […]

Gulf Beaches on St. George Island FL - Resort Vacation Properties

Part of what sets St. George Island apart from other beach destinations is the lack of high-rise condos and hotels marring the exquisite coastline view. This impacts not only the skyline and landscape of the island but also the way people vacation here. Visitors get the chance to live like locals in luxurious vacation rental […]

Bowery Market at Apalachicola

A central part of any vacation is finding souvenirs for loved ones, which can be a daunting task. You want to find something personal, unique to the area—something unlike anything you’d find at home. Luckily, that’s an easy feat in a place as special as the Forgotten Coast, especially with Apalachicola’s newest addition, the Bowery […]