Welcome to St. George Island!

Here’s what you’ve found in St. George: A Forgotten Coast barrier island off the coast of Florida, washed on one side by the foaming surf of the Gulf of Mexico breaking along twenty-five miles of world-class, white-sand beaches. Bounded on its other length by the nutrient-rich waters of Apalachicola Bay, a vast and vital nursery of sea life. There are a variety of St. George Island neighborhoods to suit any lifestyle. An island escape where you can experience the sensation of living surrounded by water on a ribbon of land gently draped across the ocean, a retreat that spoils you with dual views of ocean and bay.

Beauty and the bounty.

Besides our natural attractions, St. George offers amenities for an outstanding family vacation. No, we don’t have everything… and that’s what our visitors seem to enjoy most. We do have peace and quiet. We have dark skies at night that sparkle with stars that stretch to the natural horizon. We have lapping waves, their undulating surface mirrored by the rise and fall of squadrons of airborne pelicans. And we have a living beach so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it. Sugar sand so impressive as it sparkles in the sunshine that it has been known to capture visitors and anchor them, as surely as the golden sea oats, to this island. It’s happened to about a thousand folks, last time anyone counted us locals.

St George Island welcome sign

An undiscovered ocean wonderland with centuries of history…

St George Island sand beach

We have history recorded in our shifting sand: shards of pre-Colombian life and ceremony, clues of pirate wrecks, the flotsam of past wars, and left-behind curios that tell of peaceful days on these beaches by vacationers of another century. We have fishing to brag about. Waters to paddle and sail. Eagles to watch. We have the longest beachfront state park in Florida. The best oysters in the world. Places to ride your bike, to skate, to jog, play tennis, canoe, dive with the creatures, and boogie on your board. We have restaurants that will serve you local seafood, and taverns that will serve you the latest craft brew or your ice-cold usual. We have events like our Regional Championship Chili Cookoff, the St. George Island Brewfest, and music and arts festivals. And sometimes we have a parade just because we want to.

The only question is, where on the Island do you want to stay for your vacation?

  • St. George Plantation

    On the west end of the Island, a secluded gated community stretches from the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the unspoiled paradise of the Apalachicola Bay.

  • Gulf Beaches

    Stretching for four miles in the center of the Island, the “Gulf Beaches” boasts a delightful mix of eclectic, convenient, and enjoyable vacation homes. Gulf Beaches is also home to the restaurant and shopping district of “downtown” St. George Island.

  • Resort Village

    A small community of homes, within St. George Plantation, sharing a large, lush, tropically-landscaped pool. Great for family gatherings and other functions.

  • Villas of St. George

    The Villas of St. George is a 42-unit Gulf Beaches condominium complex with a swimming pool and boardwalk to the beach.

  • East End

    The “East End” extends for two miles between the Gulf Beaches and the Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park. Low density, it’s a favorite for beachcombers.

  • Sunset Beach

    Exclusive East End community featuring Mediterranean style and thoughtful amenities.

  • 300 Ocean Mile

    300 Ocean Mile, the Townhomes of St. George, is a 99-unit beachfront community located on the East End of St. George Island near the entrance to the State Park.

Vacation Home Locations

The location of each home is described by both the neighborhood in which it is located and its proximity to either the Gulf of Mexico or Apalachicola Bay. While some homes are identified as “Across from Beach” or “Beach Access”, it is quite possible that there are not any existing houses between the home and the views of water.

  1. Beachfront – This is the first row of homes situated closest to the beach with nothing between them except possibly a protective dune.
  2. Beachside – Homes that are “Beachside” are located one lot behind the “Beachfront” houses and there is no road in between. It is quite possible that there aren’t any existing houses between the home and the beach.
  3. Across from Beach – Homes that are “Across from Beach” are located one lot behind the “Beachfront” houses. There is a small street between them and the beach, however, it is quite possible that there is no construction which could obstruct a view of the beach. Each home has a unique view.
  4. Interior with Beach Access – There may be one or more streets and/or houses between an “Interior” home and the beach. Walking distance and views vary.
  5. Bayfront – Bayfront homes are contiguous to the Apalachicola Bay. Some homes may have either a deep or shallow water dock.
  6. Bayside – Homes that are “Bayside” are located one lot behind the “Bayfront” houses. It is possible there is a small street and/or house between them and the Bay. Views vary.
  7. Canal Front – These homes are contiguous to the Apalachicola Bay and most have a deep water dock. Views vary.
  8. Poolside – “Poolside” homes are located adjacent to a community pool. Views vary.
  9. Sideview – Units that are “Sideview” are located in the interior of the community and are neither beachfront, nor poolside. Views vary. They are included in Poolside search results.