The Bluffs – Extraordinary Sanctuary in the Heart of the Plantation

The Bluffs is an exclusive, Gulf front neighborhood amid the Plantation’s high dunes and lush subtropical vegetation. Finely crafted homes share two quiet cul-de-sacs, each home maintaining its special character while complementing its neighbors. The homes are carefully positioned to achieve spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay, but also to maximize the feeling of isolation and privacy. The Bluffs features some of North Florida’s most breathtaking scenery, with beachfront and inland dunes towering more than 25 feet above the shoreline. The beautiful vegetation includes palmettos, deer moss, and rosemary, as well as delicate 150-year-old oaks and cedars shaped by the constant sea winds into small bonsai forests. Strict environmental controls and common green space ensure these treasures will remain. The Bluffs offers extensive amenities (many exclusive) along with exacting attention to detail and quality, including dune walkovers, hand-laid brick streets and a semi-private swimming pool.