Stocking Up in Your Florida Rental Vacation Property

Stocking Up

Rental properties offer a convenient, unique way for families to vacation. Unlike many hotels, these private accommodations can make you feel right at home – no matter where you travel. But if you’re planning on renting a house for your next Florida trip, forgetting an essential item can put a serious dent in your plans. Here, Resort Vacation Properties provides a list of the essential rental home supplies to pack so you won’t forget a thing before you leave.

The Essential Rental Home Supplies

Although your mind might be filled with Florida daydreams, it’s important to load your bags up with everything you’ll need before entering relaxation mode. To help you out, Resort Vacation Properties suggests packing the following useful supplies: 

Specialty Kitchen Items

While you’ll certainly want to visit some local restaurants, it can be just as fun to cook a fresh meal in your rental property. For cases like this, you’ll want to pack whatever utensils your property is without. This might include baking dishes, plastic containers, and other leftover staples like aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Electronics Chargers

On a beachy vacation, your phone will get a lot of use. But in between all of your social media updates and video chats, your phone battery will inevitably take a hit. Don’t go without a phone when you need it most – instead, be sure your charger is packed and ready to go the night before you depart.

Toys and Games

If you’re vacationing with kids, be sure to pack some of their favorite toys and games. These might include beach toys like buckets and shovels, a family board game, or even a portable gaming system.

Beach Towels

Many rental properties stock their bathroom closets with towels for guests to use. However, these towels are typically meant for use after a bath or shower, so be sure to pack a few quality beach towels in your suitcase. These towels will be larger, sturdier, and can help keep the sand outdoors where it belongs if kept separately.

House Slippers

After waking up on a bright, beachy morning, or warm, starry night, a pair of fuzzy slippers will help keep your feet warm as you travel to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. If you can’t go without your slippers, toss a comfy pair in your bag.

Power Strip

If your family has tons of chargers to contend with, then the outlets in your rental home might not cut it. To sidestep this issue, you might want to pack a surge-protected power strip in your suitcase so everyone’s devices can get a full charge every night.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve been making a vacation playlist, why keep it to yourself? By packing a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can share your coastal creation with your whole family. If you have one, bring it along to use while lounging on the beach or hanging out at your rental property.

Stay Vacation-Ready with Resort Vacation Properties

Once your bags are fully packed with all of the essential rental property supplies, you’ll be ready to hit the road. At Resort Vacation Properties in St. George, FL, guests who forget to pack any beach gear essentials have nothing to fear. With our Free Beach Gear program, we can set them up with bicycles, beach umbrellas, and more, allowing them to relax to the fullest. To learn more about this program or our vacation rentals, contact us today.

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