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A rental home while on vacation is a dream come true for most families; you have private sleeping quarters and you also get to enjoy private time together in shared living spaces, with access to a kitchen where you can enjoy your favorite meals at your convenience. However, having an entire home to yourself can feel like you constantly must clean up to make it habitable, negating the whole essence of a holiday away from house hold chores.

If you are traveling with your family, you need to involve them in taking care of your holiday home. Nagging and shouting will not get your kids to clean up; you need to resort to methods that inspire them to want to clean up. Being on holiday gives you the opportunity to use non-conventional methods where you can get creative with the help of your kids.

Some of the ideas to get your kids to clean up on vacation include:

Make Clean Ups Fun

When traveling with toys, invest in interesting toy baskets your kids love. Communicate to them that their toys are also on holiday and need to stay in the ‘new cool’ baskets when not in use. If you can, look for baskets inspired by local cultures and use them as educational tools. Your kids will be excited to use them, which may motivate them to store their toys in the new baskets.

Create A Schedule

When planning your holiday activities, schedule time for family clean up where everyone in the family takes on a specific task. Plan your schedule so that chores come before physical activities that may leave your kids exhausted. For example, if they take their toys to the beach, ask them to clean them up before leaving the house the next morning as opposed to forcing them to clean up before going to bed.

Plan With Your Kids

Involve your children in the division and planning of chores. Planning compels them to take on responsibility for something they agreed on, as opposed to something you are asking them to do. Set ground rules together and decide on the consequences for each child if they fail to clean up. For example, all beds should be made by 8:00 am, and whoever fails to abide by this will miss out on an activity for the day.

Enforcing clean up rules on vacation requires a little more creativity to avoid making your kids feel like they have to perform all the chores they do at home. Involve the whole family in keeping your holiday home clean and you will enjoy a relaxed break, where all your family members take responsibility for the cleanliness of the home.