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The Florida panhandle is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Between Destin, Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, the popular Sunshine State attractions need to make room for the Forgotten Coast, where you’ll find a quiet and relaxing barrier island in Franklin County called St. George Island. This pristine, untouched area is near Apalachicola Bay and Cape San Blas. And, with all the action the rest of the state gets, it’s no wonder our quaint destination is called the Forgotten Coast! If you need some help choosing your next Florida vacation destination, read on to compare St. George Island vs. Destin.

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Comparing St. George Island vs. Destin

Where to Plan a Relaxing Getaway in Florida

In desperate need of a slower pace and some R&R? St. George Island, Florida, is the ultimate destination for relaxing. Most guests plan a visit around when they need a relaxing week on the beach, accompanied by tropical weather, and friendly faces.

Take a break from the fast-paced chaos that happens with daily work or school stress, and slow things down on the coast that people forget about, the Forgotten Coast!

And, with SGI being less crowded than Destin, it makes it so much easier to social distance yourself!


Is the Water Clear on St. George Island?

It’s the battle of the Gulf waters! While Destin, FL, is known for its beautiful green water, hence the Emerald Coast nickname, St. George Island also offers stunning ocean scenery.

You’ll see that St. George Island boasts crystal clear water since the island is so untouched, with zero high rises and far fewer people than places like Panama City, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Jacksonville!


In addition to offering beautiful water clarity, St. George Island beaches are also the perfect place for family-friendly fun. Between May and August, make sure to look out for the giant Leatherback Sea Turtles as they come up on the sugary white sand to nest for nesting season.

And, if you visit in the fall, you’ll make it in time for the 60-day incubation period when the baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean.

We recommend visiting St. George Island State Park for more cool wildlife encounters and beautiful scenery.

Is It Worthwhile to Visit St. George Island While in Destin? And Vice Versa?

Of course! If you have time to visit both destinations, do it. The two coastal cities are about 3 hours apart, but each offers unique traits and attractions.

But, if you want to experience a memorable vacation with a laidback atmosphere, untouched scenery, bountiful wildlife encounters, and endless opportunities for bonding time with your loved ones, all while avoiding chain restaurants and amusement parks, St. George Island is your best bet!

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Located off the Florida panhandle, St. George Island is the perfect tropical getaway and close to home. A hidden gem among the many attractions on the expansive Florida coast, St. George Island offers beautiful beaches, wonderful fishing, swimming, turtle watching and more. Many people think of Florida as nothing short of perfect, but we do have high and low seasons. Before packing your bags and heading to St. George Island, be sure that you are ready for island weather.

Year-Round Relaxation

Part of being relaxed on your vacation to St. George Island is dressing for the weather. The year-round low is 42 degrees in January, but there have been record temperatures as low as 9 degrees. The year-round high for island weather is 91 degrees in July, with record temperatures getting up to 103 degrees in August. It is best to bring layers so that you can be warm when out fishing in the morning, comfortable when hiking the dunes in the afternoon, and just right for watching the sunset from your beach vacation rental.

Summer Rains

Florida has amazing weather almost all year round though some seasons are better than others. June through November is hurricane season, with August and September being the months most prone to heavy rains and strong winds. When it comes to being safe on the island, always be sure to check the weather before you travel and each day when you are here.

Island Weather Safety Tips

If you find that you are visiting St. George Island during inclement weather, it is important to stay safe. As a general rule, do not stay outside during heavy rains. If you have been out hiking or cycling, return to shelter and let the rain pass. If you have been out fishing and the tide turns, cut your lines and come back to your vacation rental. The tide is always stronger than you think, and no fish is worth putting yourself in danger.

If the winds pick up and the rains beat down, seek shelter. Low-lying areas are the most dangerous. If an evacuation warning has been called, follow directions and posted routes to leave the island. If you are in your room, stay away from windows, turn off electronics but keep the radio on for updates. Be ready for anything by keeping a supply kit handy stocked with waters, granola bars, a first aid kit, flashlights and a copy of important phone numbers.

St. George Island is a wonderful place to get away to. Being ready for island weather means you will have a fantastic time, rain or shine.