Group Event Rentals

Ashley Daniell Photography
Ashley Daniell Photography
St George Island Beach wedding
Wedding tent on St. George Island beach

St. George Island is the perfect place to host family gatherings and other celebrations with our group event rentals.  Special occasions like weddings and reunions become even more memorable when set along the shining sands and shimmering sea of the Island. In fact, happily ever after begins here.

Plan an intimate sunset wedding ceremony and poolside reception with ease using the numerous caterers, florists, rental companies and wedding photographers located on the Island and in downtown Apalachicola. Surprise your special someone with a dramatic seaside proposal, and let us help you capture the moment.

Bring the children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins for a family reunion. Reconnect over fresh seafood dinners, evening walks on the beach, or family game night around the dining room table.  Girlfriends’ getaways, guys-only fishing trips, and getting together with old friends are excellent reasons to choose St. George Island for a vacation.

Take more than just a coffee break between planning and budgeting meetings with a dip in the Gulf waters. Real creativity, inspiration, and lasting team-building can be inspired with a business retreat on St. George Island.

Our Group Event Coordinators are ready to assist you in finding the perfect location for your get-together.  Whether you need one large home or several close together, they will identify which homes welcome group events and help guide you through the process of arranging your accommodations.

Sunset Beach, located on the Island’s East End, offers the use of its clubhouse and pool facilities. Many of our vacation homes allow group event rentals as well.

Special events must be approved in advance and a separate contract must be signed.  A link to a copy of the contract can be found below.  An Event Fee/Damage Deposit is required and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to arrival.

To learn more about hosting special events with Resort Vacation Properties, we invite you to read our FAQ’s and then browse the house that welcome group events, or give our Group Event Coordinators a call at (877) 848-8045.

Additional documents that may be helpful to you are provided below:

Special Events Contract
Special Events FAQs
Clean-Up Checklist
Resort Village Contract
Resort Village Clean-up Checklist
Sunset Beach Contract

We look forward to speaking with you soon.