We are open for business!

For more specific updates, please visit our Open for Business Page.

We have the official word from the Florida DBPR that we are clear to re-open vacation rentals.
It is back to business here on the Island. We shared with you last week new procedures you can expect from us this summer.  Here they are again, just in case you missed them.
✔ Keyless Entry
Homes with keyless entry will continue to remote check in. Your code is issued from 7 to 10 days prior to arrival via an email from us. Your code will not become active until the property has been properly disinfected and released by all departments.
✔ Key Entry
Our Check In Center Drive Through will be open for guests that need to stop by the office. If your home requires a key for access, we ask that you use this service. For late arrivals, our lock box on the front porch will have your key like always.
✔ Guest Services
If you need anything during your stay, please call our office. We offer extra linens and miscellaneous small kitchen items here at the office. This summer we’ll be happy to set up a limited or no contact delivery of what you need.
✔ Maintenance
When calling our office for a maintenance issue, we will troubleshoot over the phone first to limit interaction with our employees. If a phone call does not work or you have an emergency situation that cannot wait until the house is vacant, we will have procedures set up to address your maintenance issue by appointment, preferably while you are out of the house or by using social distancing guidelines.
✔ Arrivals
Please know that we will be spending more time between guests cleaning and disinfecting. This summer season we will be discontinuing our early check in and late check out options. On the same note, we have always advertised high season check in times at 4pm or later, possibly 6pm. Please expect later check in times as we spend more time sanitizing between guests.
✔ Disinfecting
Although we will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our properties after each departure, our properties do not come with daily cleaning services. We recommend that you bring your own disinfectant products to clean and sanitize surfaces daily during your stay just as you would your own home. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, faucets, and sinks.